Commercial Cleaning

Office Cleaning Melbourne offers end-to-end carpet cleaning services as part of our office cleaning and commercial cleaning services.

And our carpet cleaning services can be categorised as dry/regular carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning.

Whatever type of carpet cleaning services we undertake for your office or commercial space, we see to that we provide the best possible service, and after a thorough cleaning is carried out, the appearance and feel of the carpet will be markedly improved and it will look clean and smell fresh too.

To help improve the longevity, enhance durability and increase lifespan of carpets, rely on the carpet cleaning services of Office Cleaning Melbourne.

For all our carpet cleaning activity, we use only non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning products and materials. And most of all, all this is carried out by professional, trained, certified carpet cleaners that we have on board.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services are carried out in:

1. Offices

2. Restaurants, hotels, cafes

3. Convention centres

4. Government buildings

5. Stores and shops

6. Commercial buildings

7. Factories and industries

8. Companies and warehouses